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My Background

Revenue-growth driven CMO with 15+ years in leadership roles in B2B tech companies. GTM experience from B2C, PLG and B2B Land and Expand to multi-million-enterprise account engagement strategy. Pioneer in the Human2Human concept to channel empathy and create engaging storytelling to match customer needs via digital, social, and in person channels. Data-driven decision-making approach build a predictable marketing engine that  optimizes funnel conversion from MQL to opportunities.

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Work Exeperience

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Nov 2021 - 2023

Chief Marketing Officer

SaaS B2B leader in Enterprise Revenue Intelligence, leveraging AI to optimize sales engagement resulting in increased predictable revenue (series D).


Customer-facing CMO recognized for transforming the organization into a customer-centric brand through humanization, message repositioning, and product rationalization.

Increased brand’s Share of Voice from 20% to 44% in 10 months overtaking competitors by architecting a clear positioning and messaging (“Enterprise Revenue Intelligence Leader” and “Revenue Command Center) and aligning to current news.

Created high-speed content engine producing assets with  7x time more on page vs. existing content.


Orchestrated “Forecasting” campaign centered on social media (10x engagement) and transformed product roll out campaign into a Netflix-like snackable experience: “Summer Visibility Product Rollout” campaign (20x ROI pipeline).



Public global SaaS B2B company driving Digital Transformation through technologies including PLM, IoT and AR with $1.5B in revenue.

SVP Marketing  

VP Marketing

Sr. Director Marketing 

Director Marketing

Rapidly advanced from Director Digital Marketing Operations to Senior Vice President by implementing a modern marketing vision: IoT/AR grew from $0 to $200m ARR; PLM/CAD from $425m to $1bn ARR. Double digit annual organic growth.   

Delivered a 200% increase in marketing sourced pipeline by increasing opportunities volume by 160% through implementing an intent-driven account alignment, predictive AI & corresponding ABM strategy for 1:1, 1:few and 1:many segmentation.

Realized a 300% increase in engagement by aligning Product Marketing to transform web messaging using a customer-centric, value-driven methodology.  Increased PPC/SEO revenue contribution by 47% while reducing expenses by 12%.

Led cross-functional deployment of digital messaging for pain points creative development to increase digital performance from 5% to 9.5% conversion and 8x quality lead flow to sales.


American Financial Systems


Goldman Sachs

Marketing Programs Process Improvement  (Boston, US)

Director International Operations and Marketing (Boston, US)

Manager Business Unit (Tokyo, Japan)

Investment Banking (Tokyo, Japan)

Other previous roles:


Women's Leadership Forum

Harvard University


Babson College

Boston, US

BA International Economics

Jochi Daigaku

Tokyo, Japan


Liceo Mexicano Japones

Mexico City, Mexico

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