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If you have joined one of my in-person or digital presentations, you know that I believe that it is my obligation to help others in the community. Born in Mexico, of course Latinos in the US are very important to me. 

But also considering that only 3% of the workforce in the tech industry are Latino females, I'm also very dedicated to sponsorship and mentorship. 

Boys and Girls Club of Boston 

Robert Lewis Jr. joined in 2022 as the new CEO, with a very strong vision: building the future workforce pipeline. He doesn’t like the words “underserved” and “disadvantaged” when talking about the Boston youth he serves. Instead, he prefers language like “investment” and “opportunity.” His platform is about providing a safe environment where education is at center stage. And this is why, in addition to the large scale that allows to reach many more kids, I have made it a top priority.

Currently supporting as part of their Messaging and Positioning working group to elevate their messaging and joining as a full Board Member in Fall 2023. 

International Aid Club of NSHH

It is important that we follow at home what we preached, so I participate as advisor to my son's International Aid Club at his local high school. He started it with another friend whose mother is from Argentina, to educate American students on the challenges that poverty brings accross the world and raise funds for smaller specific projects. 

IntAid Pic.png

Hola ERG

Following the learnings from Dr. Robert Rodriguez, it is extremely important that companies create a comfortable space for all their employees to maximize their performance. I have been part of the executive sponsorship of a number of ERGs and look forward to creating even more.  It is a space that allows me to identify talent that will benefit from mentorship and eventually sponsorship to help them "climb the corporate ladder"

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